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Electrosurgical Generators

Bovie®: The Most Trusted and Recognized Brand in Electrosurgery
William T Bovie, the inventor of modern electrosurgery, first used an electrosurgical generator in an operating room on October 1, 1926, at Peter Bent Brigham Hospital in Boston, Massachusetts.

A few days earlier (September 28, 1926) Dr. Harvey Cushing, a leading neurosurgeon, had been unsuccessful in removing a mass from a patient’s head due to its highly vascular nature. In Dr. Cushing’s notes from October 1st, “…with Dr. Bovie’s help, I proceeded to take off, most satisfactorily, the remaining portion of tumor with practically none of the bleeding which was occasioned in the preceding operation.”

Over seventy-five years later, Symmetry Surgical proudly continues the work of William T. Bovie – advancing the name you trust with deep clinical expertise, premier customer service and uncompromising quality.

Neuro-Pulse Nerve Locator

Product ID: BOV-0003

Bovie Medical: Neuro-Pulse Nerve Locator
Bovie Specialist PRO

Product ID: BOV-A1250S

Bovie Medical: Bovie Specialist PRO
Surgi-Center PRO

Product ID: BOV-A2350

Bovie Medical: Surgi-Center PRO
Bovie 942 Desiccator

Product ID: BOV-A942

Bovie Medical: Bovie 942 Desiccator
Bovie Bantam PRO

Product ID: BOV-A952

Bovie Medical: Bovie Bantam PRO
Electrosurgical Pencils

Product ID: BOV-ESP1

Bovie Medical: Electrosurgical Pencils
Smoke Shark III

Product ID: BOV-SE03-120

Bovie Medical: Smoke Shark III 120V
LEEP PRECISION Integrated System

Product ID: CSI-LP-10-120

CooperSurgical: LEEP PRECISION Integrated System 120V
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