Answers to the New Hypertension Screening Protocol

Hypertension is a prevalent problem among the population and growing more as the patient population ages. Recent publications and new standards have encourage more attention be given for patient hypertension detection with automated Blood Pressure Devices. The AHA and others have recommended 3 sequential measurements and the average to better obtain accuracy of the blood pressure reading.

Microlife Watch BP Office AFIB not only follows this recommended protocol by having the Sprint algorithm built in, but it’s gone a step farther and produced and algorithm that identifies AFIB with 97% accuracy and 88% specificity. Undiagnosed afibrillation among hypertensive patients is a walking time bomb and the sooner they receive screening the better.

We recently acquired lead distributorship of the microlife Watch BP product line. This monitor has multiple clinical validations and offers testing that no other advanced blood pressure monitor has. It has validated applications for other high acuity patients, such as hypertension of pregnancy, End Stage Renal Disease, Obesity cuff. Take a look at the most versatile Blood Pressure Monitor on the market.