Philips SureSigns VS2+ Monitor

Philips SureSigns VS2+ Vital Signs Monitor
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Price: $2,200.00
Product ID : PMS-863278
Manufacturer: Philips Healthcare


#863278,A01: NIBP & SpO2
#863278,A01,R01: NIBP, SpO2, & Recorder (+$535.00)
#863278,A01,T01: NIBP, SpO2, & Oral Temp (+$335.00)
#863278,A01,R01,T01: NIBP, SpO2, Oral Temp, & Rec (+$870.00)
No Mobile Stand or Wall Mount Selected
#76601: Add Mobile Stand (+$289.00)
#44011: Add Wall Mount (+$380.00)


Philips SureSigns VS2+ Monitor


Philips Healthcare: Item # 863278  || SURESIGNS VS2+ VITAL SIGNS MONITOR: NIBP, SpO2, ORAL TEMPERATURE OPTIONS (select options above)

A new outlook on vital signs — the SureSigns VS2+ (portable rollstand is available as an accessory: model #989803144001 includes rollstand, adapter plate, and basket; or wall mount: model #989803144011)

Seeing is believing when it comes to the new SureSigns VS2+ monitor. With features designed to make taking vital signs easy, the VS2+ gives your staff the flexibility and freedom they need to take better care of their patients. From the easy-to-read viewing area,oversized buttons to the all-new pleth waveform display and intuitive navigation, the VS2+ provides the information you need, when you need it, maximizing the time spent at the bedside.

And, with data export in HL7 format, the VS2+ provides reliability, peace-of-mind  - and patient records in record time.


Bright, color backlit screen shows key vital signs

Large color-coded numerics show key vital signs. They are visible in dark and well lit rooms. Confirmation of export records is easily seen in green.

1 or 2D bar-code scanner for quick patient ID entry

The 1 or 2D bar-code scanner can be programmed with multiple ID fields. An option allows automatic or prompted patient ID entry with the scanner.

Ample storage for up to 100 patient records

Serve large wards by saving up to 100 patient records on one monitor.

Oversized NBP on/off button for easy readings

The oversized, one-touch Non-invasive Blood Pressure (NBP) on/off button makes it easy to take NBP readings.

NBP modes increase flexibility

A variety of non-invasive blood pressure modes are available, including manual, auto interval, custom interval programs, and STAT modes.

Time-sync network clock for precision

The monitor clock can be synchronized with your network clock when it is connected to a designated network server. This can help improve the precision of information collected.

Oral temperature in just four seconds

The oral probe is easy to grab and use. Take the oral temperature in just four seconds.

Philips SpO2 technology supports diverse sensors

Philips SpO2 technology includes a FAST-based SpO2 algorithm and is compatible with a wide variety of adult, pediatric, and neonatal sensors.

Enhanced battery management to easily relay power status

An icon is lit when the battery is plugged in/charging so that caregivers can easily see when the device is available for use.

Pleth waveform display stands out clearly against dark background

To allow for easy readability, the pleth waveform display stands out brightly against a dark background


SureSigns VS2+
  • W: 18.4 cm (8.1in) H: 20.5cm (7.2in) D: 15.0cm (5.9in)
  • 2.0kg (4.3lbs), including battery, recorder, temperature module and wireless
  • 10.9cm (4.3in) WQVGA RFT-AM LCD Display
  • Oscillometric using stepwise deflation pressure -
NBP – Adult Measurement Range
  • Systolic: 30-270mmHg (4.0-36.0kPa) Diastolic: 10-245mmHg (1.3-32.7kPa) MAP: 20-255mmHg (2.7-34.0kPa)
NBP – Pediatric Measurement Range
  • Systolic: 30-180mmHg (4.0-24.0kPa) Diastolic: 10-150mmHg (1.3-20.0kPa) MAP: 20-160mmHg (2.7-21.3kPa)
NBP – Neonatal Measurement Range
  • Systolic: 30-130mmHg (4.0-17.0kPa) Diastolic: 10-100mmHg (1.3-13.3kPa) MAP: 20-120mmHg (2.7-16.0kPa)
NBP Intervals
  • Automatic measurements at intervals of 1,2,3,5,10,15,30,60,90 or 120 minutes up to 1 interval can be defined min
  • Measurement Range: 0%-100% Accuracy: depends on sensor
Temperature, Predictive Mode
  • Probe sites: oral, rectal or axillary 34.4°C to 40.6°C (93.9°F-105°F)
Temperature, Montiored Mode
  • Probe sites: oral, rectal or axillary 26.7°C to 43.3°C (80°F-110°F) Accuracy: ±0.1°C (±0.2°F)
Battery Type
  • Lithium ion, 10.8-11.1V, 2150-2300mAhr
Battery Operating Time
  • 4.5 hours, with continuous SpO2 and NBP interval measured every 15 minutes -
Data Output
  • HL7 format, via Ethernet port Serial data -

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