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Philips Healthcare, 860343 A01, ST80i Stress Testing System, Stress Testing
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Price: $24,385.00
Product ID : PMS-860343-A01
Manufacturer: Philips Healthcare


No Treadmill Specified
#01: Add Treadmill: 220 Volt; Speed = 0.5 to 12 mph (+$5,995.00)
#02: Add Treadmill: 110 Volt; Speed 0.5 to 10 mph (+$5,995.00)
No Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor Specified
#M5118A: Add "Tango M2" Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor (+$7,429.00)
No Remote Review PC Software Specified
#D57: Add Remote Review PC Software (+$2,769.00)


Philips ST80i Stress Test System


Philips Healthcare: Item # 860343 || The Philips ST80i Stress Testing System provides opportunities to enhance clinical productivity and decision-making. The ST80i features a wireless patient experience, bidirectional connectivity and advanced decision support tools that enhance data review, patient care and workflow efficiency. Designed with clinicians and patients in mind, ST80i brings cutting-edge technology and clinical-support tools into customizable and easy-to-use software. The result is a flexible and intuitive solution designed to present stress-testing data useful in streamlining clinical decision making and productivity.Philips ST80i Stress Test System includes All-In-One Computer, Trolley, Printer, Patient Interface Wireless Module, Software CD (preinstalled), leadset, IFU, physician guide, quick reference card, RS232 to USB adapter.  Order treadmill separately.


  • Patients- Wireless connection to the exercise system allows more freedom of movement during the exercise test

  • Clinicians – Easy to use interface, optimized workflow, advanced decision support tools for diagnosis, ability to have order and ADT input, easy to use report system, electronic signature and confirmed report export to a variety of sites/systems including the EMR and ECG Management system

  • IT / Biomeds – Through (IBE), allows data flow from EMR/HIS to and from the ST80i system. With IECG, reports can be centralized in an ECG management system and exported to the EMR as well.

  • Administration – Accountability through reporting, Workflow and other process improvements

Basic Functions and workflow of ST80i
Exercise Stress Testing is designed to evaluate for the presence/absence of significant heart disease; evaluate the efficacy of current therapy; and/or to measure physical fitness for work or sport.
  • Patient information is input to the ST80i either through the ADT/Orders interface (HL7 or DICOM) creating a pre-populated work list or can be manually entered at the ST80i.

  • Once the patient information is entered, the patient is connected to the ST80i wireless PIM (Patient Interface Module) and lead set. Authenticity of the lead connections is checked through an onscreen graphic interface.

  • While the patient is in the “Pre-Exercise” phase, blood pressure is checked and the patient is explained the test. When the patient is ready, the test begins.

  • During the “Exercise” phase, the patient walks on a treadmill, and is taken through a specific exercise protocol (i.e. Bruce, Pharma, etc.) that includes a series of increasing inclines and speeds, known as “Stages” until the patient either reaches the target maximum heart rate or the test is stopped for other reasons (such as patient cannot continue or physician concern).

  • During the various stages, the patient’s 12 lead ECG is recorded and the clinician is looking for ST segment changes or other ischemic indicators. As well, any cardiac arrhythmias are detected and noted.

  • The clinician can freeze the waveforms at any time to review the ECG, store and print events with notes, can review ST segment changes via “ST Map” displays, review average complexes, zoom in on particular leads to review ST changes, and can record and store 12 lead rhythm strips.

  • With the patient in the “Recovery” phase, the clinician can enter a narrative of the study and then can all of the data from the study including average ST changes, changes by stage, by minute in a trend table or graph, saved study events, a stored resting ECG, full disclosure waveform data for all leads for the entire duration of the study, as well as any previous studies for this patient.

  • Additional notes and events can be stored with the study results and can be saved for clinician confirmation and electronic signature or can be exported to a network share drive or a Remote Review station for later review and confirmation.

  • Confirmed studies can be exported to the hospital’s EMR system through the IBE or exported to an ECG Management System such as Philips IntelliSpace ECG Management System.

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The picture below shows/depicts the connectivity options for the ST80i system:

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