ndd Medical, 3000-10, EasyOne Pro Respiratory Analysis System, Spirometry
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Price: $29,125.00
Product ID : NDD-3000-10
Manufacturer: ndd Medical


Includes DLCO Regulator as standard
#2100-3: Add CGA870 Regulator - use with E Cylinder (+$356.00)


ndd: EasyOne Pro System Premium


ndd Medical: Item # 3000-10 • EasyOne™ Pro Respiratory Analysis System with DLCO Valve, Flow Sensor, Gas Supply Tube, One-Way Valve, Pressure Tube, Temperature/Humidity Sensor and Touch Stylus; and 2 year warranty, All-inclusive Includes:  Portable cart, Color Inkjet printer, Box of 50 spirettes, Box of 50 barriettes, 1 year extended warranty (3 years total).  Automatic calibration.    Free shipping on this product in continental USA.

ndd Medical Technologies' EasyOne Pro is portable single breath DLCO device allowing physicians to provide their patients with prompt, accurate diagnosis and treatment. The EasyOne Pro performs PFTs in under 30 minutes in one square foot. Some of the many features include:

• Single Breath CO diffusion (DLCO)
• Spirometry
• Automatic calibration
• Flexible EMR capabilities
• No warm-up time
• Challenge testing
• No expensive service contracts
• High-resolution color touch screen

Part Numbers:
3000-00 - EasyOne Pro Only (2 year warranty)
3000-10 – EasyOne Pro All Inclusive (3 year warranty)

EasyOne Pro Single Breath CO Diffusion and Spirometry
With our maintenance free automatic
calibration technology, EasyOne Pro offers
complete lung function testing in one square foot
  • Slow and forced spirometry tests
  • Single Breath CO Diffusion (DLCO)
  • Large selection of predicted values
  • No warm-up time
  • Automatic and fast calibration for each test performed
  • Perfect hygiene solution with disposable breathing tube
  • Automated interpretation (ATS/ERS)
  • Portable, self-contained device
  • High-resolution color touch screen
  • Wide range of data export options
  • Interfaces with a wide range of EMRs
  • Automatic back-up on flash card
  • Easy software upgrades
  • Remote support capability Easy raw data export for scientific use

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