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Sale Price: $28,000.00
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Product ID : USC-U10001
Manufacturer: Uscom Limited


Standard Configuration
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USCOM 1A Cardiac Output Monitor


USCOM Non-Invasive Cardiac Output Monitor Model 1A: non-invasive and accurate monitor of cardiac output for diagnosis via Continuous wave Doppler echocardiography. Non-Invasive parameters including Stroke Volume (SV), Cardiac Power (CPO), and Peak Velocity of Flow (Vpk). Touch screen operation. Simplified real time display. Pricing includes 1.5 days of onsite clinical training.  One year warranty.

USCOM 1A Hemodynamic Monitor

The USCOM 1A offers real-time, beat-to-beat measurements of 20 parameters of cardiovascular function including cardiac output, stroke volume and systemic vascular resistance with additional parameters such as cardiac power, stroke work and oxygen delivery.

The USCOM 1A is unique in being completely non-invasive, validated across a wide range of cardiac outputs in neonates, infants, children and adults, and is soundly patent protected. Uscom is the home of non-invasive hemodynamic monitoring.

USCOM stands for Ultrasonic Cardiac Output Monitor. It measures blood flow across the heart valves using continuous wave Doppler ultrasound. It is the only truly non-invasive, accurate system of hemodynamic measurement. The USCOM 1A provides non-invasive hemodynamics.

It provides the following features

• Beat-to-beat cardiac output and stroke volume
• Over 20 real-time parameters of cardiac function
• Ability to measure both left and right sided cardiac output

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Products - Features

USCOM is a non-invasive specialized ultrasound device designed for simple high fidelity measurement of cardiovascular function. These measurements can be used to assess and manage hemodynamics. Optimizing circulation saves lives. USCOM provides for safe, rapid, accurate and cost effective optimization of circulation.

USCOM takes advanced hemodynamics beyond the ICU!

The USCOM U10001 cardiac output monitor has a number of operating features:

• 20 non-invasive parameters
• Touch screen operation
• Simplified real-time display
• Digital Doppler signal tracing with FlowTracer
• Advanced trend mapping for simplified assessment of change
• Report formats for hard copy record keeping
• Custom cards for user preferred display of parameters
• Quickstart function for emergency operation
• User defined multi-beat signal averaging
• Data transfer to spreadsheet for research analysis
• Software upgradeable
• "One touch" measure save
• Notes recording function
• Comprehensive patient history record
• Network connectable
• Multi-lingual function
• Gain, contrast and audio controls


The USCOM non-invasive cardiac output monitor uses state-of-the art electronics, high fidelity ultrasonics and advanced signal processing to deliver accurate and simple measurements of cardiac output.

The USCOM monitor provides an intuitive touch screen user interface, allowing for instant access to both live and recorded information.

In addition to the display of real-time hemodynamics, USCOM provides for the recording of measure cards, a detailed record of beat-to-beat cardiac function. By accurately measuring change, USCOM is the ideal patient management tool.

With a large hard drive, the USCOM monitor can store tens-of-thousands of patient files.

Weighing just 6 kilograms and available with its own custom roll stand, the USCOM system is highly portable, ideal for transfer from patient-to-patient or ward-to-ward.

USCOM's Parameters

USCOM users can guide their diagnosis and therapy, based on a number of different measures of circulation, all at the touch of a button and all non-invasive.

Parameters include:

• Cardiac output
• Stroke volume
• Systemic vascular resistance
• Oxygen delivery

For further information about the USCOM parameters see the Parameters page.


Another powerful feature of the USCOM monitor is the FlowTracer fully automated flow profile tracking system. USCOM's patented software accurately calculates the velocity of blood flow with a precision trace of the ultrasound flow profile. The ultrasound Doppler flow profile is automatically traced real-time, beat-to-beat. Using FlowTracer parameters can be calculated and displayed beat to beat.


The patient data can be saved for later diagnosis and review. This includes the Doppler flow profile image, all parameters and patient information and notes. All parameters can be displayed in a trend graph providing a vital picture of the patient's status over time. This assists diagnosis, enables interventional guidance and assessment of the effectiveness of treatment.


The USCOM reporting engine generates patient records that can be printed to a local printer or exported to a USB flash device. Standard or customized report formats are available including views of the patient data over various time periods with and without trend graphs and Doppler flow profiles.

Custom Cards

The user has the power to customise the USCOM display with many different parameters of cardiac function now available on the USCOM system. This feature enables the operator to select from three different display layouts and provides for customization of the display with a selection of 4, 6 or 9 measurements. For example, the operator may choose just 4 priority measures for display. This allows for a more prominent presentation of the information. At the same time, all the parameters are available instantly at the touch of a button.


The USCOM system also provides for "instant measure" operation, eliminating the need for the entry of patient information. By selecting the "RUN" button on the opening screen, the operator is taken direct to the examination screen and the ultrasound transducer is automatically activated. This is an extremely important function whenever time is of the essence, such as in an emergency department where clinicians need rapid assessment. The information can be recorded in the normal way and made complete with the later addition of patient details, including height and weight for the calculation of volume cardiac output parameters.

Group Save

In addition to beat-to-beat measurements, averaging can be performed over a number of beats. The operator can chose to save ONE beat, ALL beats displayed or a selected GROUP of beats. With the ALL function selected, each beat on the screen is automatically traced and ready for saving as individual cards. This provides for very rapid assessment and is particularly useful for research. Group save is commonly used for clinical assessment and is extremely useful when irregular beats occur as it averages a number of consecutive stroke volumes.

Products - Transducer

Uscom has years of experience designing and developing ultrasonic devices to measure cardiac flow.

USCOM uses high fidelity continuous wave Doppler to accurately measure cardiac flow. Continuous wave Doppler is the most accurate and reproducible ultrasound modality with a sensitivity to change in the order of a few percent. Unlike pulsed wave Doppler, it is easy to use and more reproducible. Echocardiography, because of its primary focus on 2-D imaging, has increasingly been using highly focused beams, concentrating the power of the signal in a narrow space, in order to achieve optimal image resolution. Uscom however, has developed a custom application of continuous wave Doppler ultrasound, using its unique divergent beam acoustics technology. This provides for a much broader ultrasonic beam, making the USCOM device easier to use and much less user-dependent than previous Doppler applications.

Uscom's divergent beam transducer operates at a frequency of 2.2.MHz.

Products – OXYCOM (optional parameter)

Introducing OXYCOM - a revolution in circulatory management!

OXYCOM provides measures of oxygen delivery, non-invasively; USCOM Ultrasonic Cardiac Output Monitor combined with oximetric data provides beat-to-beat measures of oxygen delivery.

You can now use OXYCOM to monitor oxygen delivery for better circulatory diagnosis and management.

OXYCOM provides real time, non-invasive, simple and safe oxygen delivery (DO2). When circulation really matters, OXYCOM provides the answers. By measuring DO2 with OXYCOM, it’s now possible to target real circulatory optimization goals using fluid, inotropes and vasotherapies.

OXYCOM - real time, non-invasive oxygen delivery!

DO2 is the goal of circulatory optimization, and this involves optimizing the components of DO2. OXYCOM allows rational and safe measurement and optimization of DO2 and its components.

OXYCOM is useful in any environment in which normal circulation is critical or in disease where DO2 may be deranged such as sepsis, heart failure, hypertension, trauma, anesthesia, post surgery etc.

Products - Parameters

USCOM accurately measures cardiac flow, either from the suprasternal notch, where aortic flow is measured or parasternally, where we measure flow through the pulmonary valve. By adjusting the location and angle of the USCOM transducer, the operator optimizes the signal, by following both visual and audible cues from the USCOM display. The system displays real-time, beat-to-beat data across many parameters of cardiac function using FlowTracer's automatic signal tracking.

  • Vpk: Peak Velocity of flow
  • vti: Velocity Time Integral
  • HR: Heart Rate
  • MD: Minute Distance
  • ET%: Ejection Time Percent
  • SV: Stroke Volume
  • SVI: Stroke Volume Index
  • SVV: Stroke Volume Variability
  • CO: Cardiac Output
  • CI: Cardiac Index
  • SVR: Systemic Vascular Resistance
  • SVRI: Systemic Vascular Resistance Index
  • Pmn: Mean Pressure Gradient
  • FT: Flow Time
  • FTc: Flow Time Corrected
  • SW: Stroke Work
  • CPO: Cardiac Power
With the addition of the OXYCOM product the following additional parameters are available:

  • SpO2: Oxygen Saturation
  • DO2: Oxygen Delivery
  • SVS: Stroke Volume Saturation

Trend information for any one of the parameters is displayed in graph form, providing a graphic easy to read assessment of changes in cardiac function, brought about by a change in the patient's condition, the impact of therapy or the impact of fluids management. The parameters are displayed as the value, the difference to the previously saved value and the average of all values within the examination. Measurements can be performed beat-to-beat or grouped over a number of beats.

Products - Applications

USCOM is an exciting, non-invasive device specialized for high resolution measurement of the hemodynamic circulation.

USCOM is designed to measure normal and abnormal circulation at the level of the heart and vessels. The hemodynamic information and trending can assist the physician to guide therapies such as fluid, inotropes and vaso-active drugs. USCOM is validated from 0.12 l/min to 17 l/min and from 26 weeks gestational age to 85 years. One method for all subjects in all conditions.

USCOM has many applications across multiple clinical disciplines. However there are a large number of emerging and very specific clinical problems where USCOM is useful.


  • PEDIATRICS Sepsis, resuscitation, surgery, post-surgical (cardiac and other)
  • ED Triage, sepsis, hypotension, hemorrhage, resuscitation, heart failure and hypertension, retrieval
  • ICU ICU post-surgical, post MI, heart failure, outreach/stepdown management, dialysis


  • ELECTROPHYSIOLOGY Optimization of pacemaker timings (AV, VV delay)
  • LIVER TRANSPLANTATION High blood loss surgery requires monitoring of CO PREGNANCY Eclampsia and pre-eclampsia. Often hypertension complicates pregnancy, management of this hypertension is improved by directing therapy to stroke volume/SVR information
  • ANESTHESIA Pre-anesthesia assessment. Normal function is associated with an improved anesthetic outcome. Post-surgical recovery.
  • DRUG and DEVICE TRIALS Any trial to assess effectiveness of a drug or device should include measurement of CO, to ensure that CO remains unaffected during implantation of a device or administration of drugs (non-cardiac drugs - cancer), or to quantify the effectiveness of cardiac drugs. Because of its high sensitivity to circulatory change, USCOM can reduce the number of subjects to achieve statistical significance, thereby reducing experimental costs
  • HEMODIALYSIS Blood filtration is associated with a shifting fluid balance in chronic/critically ill patients so the need to optimize is crucial
  • BURNS Burns are associated with high levels of fluid loss which can reduce CO and frequently require fluid. USCOM can guide fluid administration and optimization
  • PSYCHIATRY Schizophrenics are commonly treated with Clozapine, which is associated with a relatively high incidence of cardiomyopathy resulting in reduced CO. The patients are generally recommended to have echocardiography performed every three months to exclude this complication.
  • HEART FAILURE CLINICS or HYPERTENSION CLINICS Hypertension and heart failure management is improved by directing therapy to SV/SVR information.

Products - Specification


AMD Geode GX466 Low Power
333 MHz
AMD GEODE CS55335 chipset
AWARD 512KB custom flash BIOS


LG/Philips LCD TFT Flatscreen
12.1" active screen size
800 x 600 pixels
6 bit colour depth, 256k colours
400 cd/m²
Transmissive mode, normally white
Minimum lamp half-life 50,000 hours


ELO AccuTouch - 5 wire resistive
> 35,000,000 touches in one location
4096 x 4096 resolution


2.2MHz Transducer
< 100mW/cm² output
Digital signal processing with FFT
Custom IIR filters
Audio output


Divergent beam profile
Reliable long term targeting
Ergonomic grip and handle


More than 500,00 exams
2.5" ATA/IDE hard disk drive
High reliability


Microsoft® CE.NET
Uscom custom platform


Realtek RTL8139C controller
PCI 100/10 MBPS


Height - 310mm

Width - 350mm
Depth - 180mm
Weight - 5.4kg


Front and rear housing in ABS/PC alloy

Central gasket in Santoprene
2 piece internal chassis
Roll stand available
Pole mounting attachments available


Universal input voltage 100-240VAC
65W 15V output
EMC compliant
EN60601-1 & UL2601-1 compliant
Medically isolated and approved
Short circuit protection
Over voltage protection


Rechargeable Smart Battery (Li-lon)
Internal charger and removable
High capacity - two hours, 7200mAh
Status monitoring
Industrial quality


USB Ports x2
USB disk capability
Printer (optional)