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Philips Healthcare, 861304, FRx AED, AED's
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Product ID : PMS-861304
Manufacturer: Philips Healthcare


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Philips: FRx AED


Philips Healthcare: Item # 861304     HEARTSTART FRX DEFIBRILLATOR      Includes owner's manual, battery, SMART pads II (1set) and quick reference guide

Description: The Philips HeartStart FRx Defibrillator is designed to be easy to use, rugged and reliable for those who get there first. On the scene with law enforcement, on the field with student athletes or on the job with employees, the FRx Defibrillator is the solution for treating SCA from ventricular fibrillation in environments and conditions too demanding for many other defibrillators. At the core of all HeartStart Defibrillators is SMART Biphasic technology. The HeartStart FRx Defibrillator’s biphasic waveform delivers a highly effective defibrillation shock that is also gentle to the heart. No other external defibrillation therapy has been supported by more published clinical data.1 SMART Analysis, a proven Philips technology for heart rhythm assessment, ensures that FRx Defibrillator only shocks when it should. SMART Analysis automatically assesses the victim’s heart rhythm and is designed not to deliver a shock unless the rhythm is determined to be shockable — even if the shock button is pressed. What’s more, SMART Pads II enable the FRx to keep pace with the responder by adjusting to their actions. The Philips HeartStart FRx Defibrillator is exceptionally rugged. Designed to surpass rigorous testing requirements, the FRx withstands jetting water, loads up to 500 pounds and a one-meter drop onto concrete. 1 Philips Medical Systems. Smart Biphasic Studies, listed alphabetically by study author. 

Shock Delivery: Via adhesive pads placed on patient’s bare skin Protocol: Voice prompts and indicators guide user through CPR and AED protocol. Follows preconfigured settings. Protocol can be set to match local protocol with HeartStart Event Review software. /br Standby Power - 0-60 C /br Voice Translations - US English

Energy Single energy output Adult: nominal 150 Joules into a 50-ohm load Infant/Child: nominal 50 Joules into a 50-ohm load

What's Included:  Defibrillator, four-year battery, one set of SMART Pads II, Owner Manual and Quick Reference Guide.
Additional Ready-Pack options available: R01 Ready-Pack consists of 1 carry case (989803139251) and 1 set pads (989803139261); R02 Ready-Pack consists of 1 carry case (989803139251), one set of pads (989803139261) and one aviation battery (989803139301). Click Configure to choose your option.


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