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BpTRU Model  BPM-300-36 Battery
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BpTRU: Battery


BpTRU 8-Volt Rechargeable Battery for Models 200 & 300 (medical grade)

     Identical to the original (OEM) BpTRU lead acid battery:  fits both models

     See users manual for instructions to install (note:  battery harness not included with this item)


  • General-purpose VRLA maintenance free battery
  • Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) technology for superior performance
  • Power and volume ratio yielding unrivalled energy density
  • Valve regulated, maintenance-free spill-proof construction
  • Rugged impact resistant ABS case and cover 
  • Does not include battery wire harness


  • Nominal voltage: 8V
  • Capacity @20HR (AH): 3.20 Ah
  • Capacity @10HR (AH): 3.00 Ah
  • Weight: 0.8kg / 1.7lbs
  • Length: 5.29" / 134mm
  • Width: 1.44" / 3.65mm
  • Height: 2.49" / 63mm 

Procedure to Trouble Shoot Battery Operation:

 To help ascertain what is going on, can you please try the below:

 There is a green light on the front of the monitor when it is turned on.

  • Sometimes when the battery has failed it will affect the operation of the monitor even when plugged into a wall outlet.
  • Open the back and disconnect (or remove) the battery, plug the monitor into a wall outlet and confirm that the monitor is working properly.

o   The monitor does not need to have the battery installed in order to work when plugged in to the wall via the power cord.

o   If it works fine then it is most likely they just need a new battery.

Note: There are some electronics associated with the battery charging circuit that can fail and cause the device to not charge properly. This is not that common. Most battery problems are due to failed batteries.

Other BpTRU accessories and supplies continue to be offered by us:  see our website

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