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Bp TRU Accessories Continue to be Available:
BpTRU has ceased operation in mid-2017.  MedSource-SW continues to offer supplies and accessories for Bp TRU blood pressure monitors.  We have sought out the original manufacturers of the same or very similar accessories that are compatible with Bp TRU models 100, 200, and 300.  If you are considering a new monitor, the Microlife WatchBP and the ADC ADView2 are comparable to the BpTRU monitor.  All of these products are available here on our website.  The original Bp TRU blood pressure monitor is no longer available.  You may have been redirected from to here.  Most of these products are kept in stock by MedSource-SW.

American Diagnostic Corp.
Bp TRU: BP Cuff - Child
Bp TRU: BP Cuff - Sm Adult
Bp TRU: BP Cuff - Adult
Bp TRU: BP Cuff - Lg Adult
Bp TRU: BP Cuff - XLg Adult
Bp TRU: Coiled BP Hose
Bp TRU: Power Supply 8v
Bp TRU: Power Supply 10v
Bp TRU: Power Cord
BpTRU: Battery
Bp TRU: Y Test Kit
BpTRU Wall Mount
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