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Our Core Tenets Include

MedSource-SW, is one of the leading authorized distributors of medical products to the healthcare industry, and offers approximately 4,000 skus of medical products.  MedSource-SW represents many quality brands including Philips Healthcare (resuscitation, diagnostic ECG, patient & vital signs monitoring systems), Philips Burton Lighting, Bovie Medical (electrosurgical generators), Brewer Company (exam tables), Exergen Corp. (temporal artery thermometers), ndd Medical Technologies (spirometers), Nonin Medical (pulse oximetry & capnography), Tuttnauer (autoclaves & sterilizers), and IMCO branded products.  Our innovative product research and marketing strategies provide quality products to the healthcare market in a variety of market segments.  Most importantly, our outside and inside sales staff have undergone rigorous product training sessions to provide insight into the detailed product features and functionality, and provides you the highest level of customer service, product quality, and customer satisfaction.  Our  offices are located in the far North Dallas area in Texas.

Purchase with confidence. We are licensed by the
          dshs-logo.png           License # 0030541     Category: Medical Device Distributor



Our Philosophy

To design an integrated clinical solution based on your business goals and objectives.

Our Strategy

Using our expertise to custom design a platform of medical-surgical products tailored to your business specifications and integration requirements.

Our Objective

To offer our customers the most innovative and cost effective medical-surgical products, systems and solutions.


Our Vision

To market innovative medical-surgical products that improves the patient's diagnosis, outcome, and experience that exceeds managment's objectives to healthcare professionals.





Serving Professional Medical Care Groups including:

  • Acute Care Facilities
  • Primary Care Facilities
  • Urgent Care Facilities
  • Rehabilitation Facilities
  • Ambulatory Surgery Centers
  • Other Outpatient Centers
  • Insurance Companies
  • Clinical Contract Research Organizations (CRO)


Our Mission

Actively promote information strategies and solutions in a way that revolutionizes and improves patient care and the cost of providing that care.



Product Line:


Our Complete Line of Products Include:-

  • Patient Monitoring Products Including:
Multi-Parameter Monitors
Vital Signs Monitors
Blood Pressure Monitors
Pulse Oximetry Monitor
Capnography / EtCO2 Monitors
Fetal Monitors
Fetal Dopplers

  • Therapeutic Products Including:
Automatic External Defibrillators
Non-Invasive Transcutaneous (external) Pacing
  • Diagnostic Products Including:

Stress Systems
Holter Systems
Event Monitors
Ambulatory Blood Pressure
Dopplers:  Fetal & Vascular
  • Procedural Products Including:
Electrosurgical Generators
Intubation Supplies
Exam Tables & Procedural Chairs
Exam Lights
  • Sterilization & Infection Control Including:
Autoclaves & Sterilizers
Ultrasound Cleaners
  • And, Related Accessories and Consumables


Our Core Values

In the immediate term, give the highest priority to strategies and solutions that maximizes the customer’s greatest benefits. Treat customers, employees, and affiliated manufacturers with the highest ethics, fairness, and respect.


Geographic Coverage:


MedSource-SW Sells to the Continental USA as an Authorized Distributor in all Markets (except as noted below):

  • Hospital Marketplace Exclusions:
GE Healthcare
Philips Healthcare (excludes    Burton Lighting)
Zoll Medical
Mindray North America
Nonin Medical