Philips Healthcare, M3015A, Microstream CO2 Extension Module, Patient Monitors
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Price: $5,651.61
Product ID : PMS-M3015A
Manufacturer: Philips Healthcare
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Oridion Microstream etCO2 Only
#C06: Add Invasive Pressure / Temp (+$670.53)




Philips Healthcare: Item # M3015A • MICROSTREAM CO2 EXTENSION MODULE • Microstream CO2 Extension to an M3000A or M3001A Multi Measurement Server (MMS) for use with IntelliVue MPxx

Microstream® CO2 Extension for capnography with the Multi-Measurement Module

Microstream CO2 is an innovative, advanced technology for sidestream capnography. The Philips Microstream CO2 Extension is designed to work with the Philips Multi-Measurement Module (MMS) and IntelliVue X2 and provides a real-time waveform and numeric values for CO2 on the Philips patient monitor display. Furthermore, Integrated Pulmonary Index™ (IPI)* helps caregivers to manage four complicated monitoring parameters with a single number.

The Microstream CO2 Extension is a lightweight, rugged, plug-and-play unit that easily attaches to the Multi-Measurement Module and travels with a patient. At the bedside, the MMS/Extension combination can be connected to IntelliVue and M3/M4 patient monitors.

During transport, the unit stores patient demographics and up to eight hours of patient trend data, as well as calibration and measurement settings.

An advance in capnography
Microstream capnography may be used with intubated or non-intubated patients. It can offer exceptional advantages over traditional sidestream capnography:


  • Very low sample flow rate of 50ml/min
  • Fast response time
  • Crisp waveform
  • Exceptional moisture handling with an integrated water separation filter in each connector and a patented multi-port airway adapter design
  • No cross-sensitivity to other gases, such as anesthetic agents
  • Quick warm-up time
  • No routine calibration required
  • IPI* provides an uncomplicated, inclusive assessment of a patient’s ventilator status. Utilizes real time measures and interactions of four parameters – EtCO2, Resp, SpO2, Pulse Rate.


The Microstream CO2 Extension has one port for CO2, and a second port that can be used for invasive pressure or temperature is available as an option.

Wide variety of FilterLine® sampling circuits
Philips offers a variety of one piece, plug-and-play sampling circuits tailored to different clinical requirements and in different sizes for use with neonate to adult patients. Switching from intubated to non-intubated monitoring is as easy as plugging in the appropriate accessory—no recalibration required.

For non-intubated patients, nasal and combined oral-nasal cannulas accommodate mouth and nose breathers. “H” versions for ventilation with humidified air.

For intubated patients, FilterLine® sets combine the sample line and airway adapter. A neonatal airway adapter provides ultra-low dead space.

A powerful combination
The combination of the MMS and Microstream CO2 Extension provides all of these measurements in one compact unit:


  • ECG
  • Respiration
  • SpO2
  • Blood pressure (invasive and non-invasive)
  • Temperature
  • CO2


 Microstream and FilterLine are registered trademarks of Oridion Medical, Ltd.
* IPI may not be available in all geographies. IPI requires IntelliVue Hostmonitor with Rev J.0 and above.



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