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Bovie Medical, A950, 950 Dissicator Generator, Electrosurgical
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Manufacturer: Bovie Medical
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#110: 110 Volt Model - most common
#220: 220 Volt Model -requires 200 volt outlet


Bovie: 950 Dessicator/Generator


Bovie Medical: Item # A950 • Aaron 950 - 60watts cut, blend & coag. 35watts High Frequency Desiccation - 4 year warranty



Introducing the Aaron 950, the first and only High Frequency Desiccator with Cut. You might call it a split personality. One half of the unit is a high frequency desiccator, out of the mold of our very popular Aaron 900. The other half is a Bovie® Generator, giving you 60 watts of cutting power and coag capabilities – plenty of power for LLETZ/LEEP or most any cutting procedure performed in the doctor’s office.


3-Button Pencil

The three button pencil is a masterpiece of engineering. It allows you to adjust the power output up and down as well as to activate the unit, even when you are in foot control mode!


Designed For Years of Trouble-Free Use

The Aaron 950 is designed and engineered to be the most reliable and durable generator available today. The unit’s life is prolonged by incorporating the latest in chip technology and reducing the number of internal parts, thereby generating less internal heat. Unit cleanup is simplified by its non-absorbing, nonstaining, high-impact ABS enclosure.


Compact, Mobile, Electrosurgical System

Standard package includes the unit, power cord, reusable handpiece, 10 handpiece drapes, five disposable active electrodes, 50 sharp dermal tips, 50 blunt dermal tips, one reusable dispersive cord, five disposable dispersive electrodes, user’s guide, and wall-mount kit.



Bovie® Generator

 • 60 Watts – Cut, Blend, Coagulation

• Isolated Power

• 6 Presets – For The Doctor’s Favorite Settings


The Generator

The left half of the unit is a Bovie generator. It is a floating ground unit that requires a return electrode pad to be used. This isolated power feature helps to ensure your safety as well as that of the patient.


Three Modes of Operation

The Bovie Generator offers you up to 60 watts in Cut mode, Blended Cut mode, and Pinpoint Coagulation mode.


Simplicity is achieved using easy-touch, color-coded membrane pads, and by placing all user controls and outputs on the unit’s compact front panel.


The ergonomic arrangement of commonly used operating functions, plus a large, comfortable rotary dial, provide quick operating-mode selections and smooth power adjusting with the option of adjusting the power from the handpiece.


Six Presets

The six available presets labeled “A-F” allow the user to record often used settings for one touch recall. Each preset stores the mode selection and power setting for one operating mode.


Procedural Confidence

Use of the Aaron 950 promotes procedural confidence. Our surgical handpiece fits comfortably in your hand and, when not in use, rests conveniently in a holder specifically designed to minimize contact with the unit. The handpiece holder safely isolates the instrument from the medical team, the patient, and the unit.


All industry-standard 3/32" (0.24 cm) disposable and reusable electrodes fit the 950 handpiece. Handpieces may be autoclaved for greater operating efficiency and maximum cost control.


Aaron 950 post-procedure cleanup is simple (and fast) due to nonabsorbent ABS enclosures, and our use of liquid resistant membrane switches that can be wiped clean with a damp cloth.


High Frequency Desiccator


• 35 Watts – Fulguration

• 30 Watts – Bipolar

• .1-10 Watts – Adjustable in 1/10 watt increments


The Desiccator

The High Frequency Desiccator is a ground referenced machine that does not require the use of a return pad. It gives you precision Fulguration up to 35 watts and Bipolar power up to 30 watts. All power settings are adjustable in 1/10 watt settings from .1-10 watts.


Change Power In One Step, Not Four

The Aaron 950 allows the doctor to change the power setting with one action, using the up/down buttons on the autoclavable handpiece or the rotary power-control dial. This saves time and protects the sterile field during sensitive procedures.


Foot Control Advantage

To use the foot control feature one simply needs to plug in the optional footswitch. There is no expensive separate handpiece, and the handpiece retains the ability to adjust the power and activate the unit in this mode.


The Bovie 3-Button Handpiece – Better By Design

The Aaron 950 has a technology advantage right in the handpiece: a superbly engineered collet that’s even gold plated for superior conductivity and holds electrodes securely in place. The buttons on the handpiece have been designed for superior tactile feel and comfort, and the entire handpiece is molded into a comfortable grip. Finally, it’s autoclavable so you can have sterility when you need it, and an easy to clean and durable handpiece all the way around.


Digital Error Detection

Digital error detection means unsurpassed safety for you and your patient. The Aaron 950 continuously monitors every aspect of the unit’s output. At the sign of any problem, the machine instantly disables the output and displays the appropriate error code on the display.


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